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We are an activation advertising agency for creative marketing

Our attitude

Idea by Leemon

We create emotions

Building on feelings and impressions is a bit too expensive. Idea by Leemon is a smart system of solutions and streamlining communication able to build up a successful brand. Including yours.

The right theme, place, time. And the listener

How do we define the course of the shopping and decision making process of our customer? We draw up a 360° Experience map. This will enable you to say exactly what your customers are willing to listen to. A story helps to shift the consumer perception and create a deeper emotional bond. These are the building blocks for our strong idea concept and creating EIK solutions.


A Versace suit and clean fingernails

Trendsetter is a leader and innovator in every aspect of its life. We use research, our experience and long-time know-how. In order to design your plan we will combine the world of your brand with the latest trends that make the world go round. The result? A set of activities which help you reach your goals easily. Partial and ultimate, short-term and long-term. And with maximum regard to timeless ideas and concepts.

03Activation marketing

85 % of decisions are made at the point of sale

Theatre without audience is just a rehearsal. Leemon always performs in front of a full house in order to respond flexibly to the consumer reaction. It has energy and dynamics. We always bear in mind what is new and hot. We create shopper and consumer experiences that gain on popularity. Proven features of traditional ways of sales support are enriched with digital and mobile activations.


Nobody cares about things they have seen, heard, read before… But it has all happened before!

That is why a story is vital for us. EMOTIONS. They can never repeat identically because we all experience them differently. That is why they always take effect. Experiences, identifying, fun. When you want to communicate with someone, it is necessary to impress them. Then they take your information in and keep it in their memory. We are a communication agency and our creative concepts and graphic design are about emotional communication.

05Client attitudes

When nobody is listening, a megaphone does not help

What do we consider to be the greatest achievement? Your successes! They are our best image, our satisfaction, praise and reward. Although we do not exclude the influence of good luck and coincidence, we know that the most powerful agent of long-term success is partnership. The relationship with a client built on trust and responsibility. We see partnership as added value. It is about ideas, strategy, creativity. And it is personal. We offer it as a standard bonus. We honour and support the initiative Association of Communication Agencies (ACA) – Fair tender.


What we do

Analytical marketing
We plan. We think ahead, we aim, we do not fear radical changes or supporting traditional effective solutions.
-Market analysis
-Brand building
-Marketing research
-Mystery shopping
-Experience Maps
-Strategic planning
-Creative solutions to advertising campaigns
-Guerrilla and ambient marketing
-Media marketing
-Shopper marketing
-Direct marketing
-Film marketing
Things are interconnected. We enrich the customer experience by connecting the digital and the physical worlds, which can strengthen your communication.
-Online marketing
-Social media
-Web apps
-Mobile apps
-Animations and multimedia
-UX design
-UI & GUI design
Events and sales support
Surprising and perfectly planned. That is what your event will be like as well.
-Organizing social and cultural events
-Sampling events
-Sales support on location
-B-to-B Events
-B-to-C Events
-Trade fairs and exhibitions
-Organizing sporting events
-Outdoor tents hire
We picture and materialize everything. Even the unimaginable.
-Product design
-Corporate identity
-Brand building
-Graphic design
-Pre-printing preparation
-3D visualization
We dress brands in colours, shapes and forms that “sell”.
-Print production
-Product placement
-Photo and film production
Consulting 1+1
Are you still uncertain about a long-term cooperation with a communication agency? Are you hesitant about making commitments? Never mind. We have launched a new programme Leemon Consulting 1+1 for businesses in the Moravian-Silesian Region. We offer advice on how to communicate successfully and how to work with a brand. Based on all the necessary information about your company, we help to optimize the further steps to be taken.

Case studies

Unique campaigns

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Rich juice

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Format Factory

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Rio-Lipno 2016

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One for all, all at the table

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MOL Czech Republic
Social evening

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Vanilla from Madagascar

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Website for the new

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100+ inspiring clients
About us

Activation and marketing agency

Awarded in prestigious Czech and European competitions.

Leemon Concept is an activation and marketing agency operating in the areas of the IDEA concept. It specializes in proactive marketing, online strategies, and design and well as creating digital and interactive projects, 3D design and organizing activation events.
Rio-Lipno (round table)
1. místo
Event, field a sports marketing
IMC Czech Awards
Rio-Lipno (round table)
2. místo
Public contracting authority
IMC Czech Awards
All at the table
3. místo
Sponsorship/Joint Effort/Tie-in
IMC Europe Awards
All at the table
3. místo
Direct 1:1
IMC Europe Awards
All at the table
3. místo
Event marketing
IMC Europe Awards
All at the table
1. místo
Event, field a sports marketing
Czech direct & promo
All at the table
1. místo
Public contracting authority
Czech direct & promo
All at the table
2. místo
Social media
Czech direct & promo

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Leemon Concept, s. r. o.
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Leemon Interactive, s. r. o.
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Leemon Media, s. r. o.
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e-mail: office@leemon.cz

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